Our mission is to promote independence and self-direction to our residents while providing high-quality living standards.

About Us

Since 2008 we have been assisting residents with a wide variety of medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, diabetes, arthritis, depression and others. Our outstanding services are customized and conducted to promote independence and self-direction to the residents living in our community.

Fairview Care Home About
Fairview Care Home About

Residents with mental or physical conditions may require ongoing medical care and may need assistance with bathing, dressing, using the restroom or performing other essential tasks.


We feel quite fortunate to have found this board and care facility after visiting and researching myriads of other facilities. This place is roomy, bright and clean. Since a maximum of six people can reside here, more attention is given to each person. We see that Aurica and Simon give their love and support to the residents daily. The meals are prepared from scratch and with care - homemade ! This home is adorned with fresh cut flowers from their garden.

Each resident has their assigned lounge chair for confort. Our mother has been here for almost 3 years. She is memory impaired and is in a wheelchair. On a nice day, she goes out in the backyard to enjoy the sunshine and the garden. All her day-to-day needs are met and she is very happy being in a familiar environment. It is so wonderful to hear our mom say "I am ready to go home" after an outing becase she considers this place her home. Our family recommends Fairview Board and Care because we trust that our mom is in a safe environment and in caring hands, which gives us total peace of mind.

Benita E.

Fairview Care Home is a wonderful place where each guest is welcomed and thrives. Aurica and Simon are very carring and they make sure to let each person know how special they are !

Aurica bakes her own bread and the meals are exceptional and very nutritive !

Anne O.