Our mission is to promote independence and self-direction to our residents while providing high-quality living standards.

Our Services

At Fairview Care Home we have customized our services to address the needs and enhance the quality of life of every resident. We provide continuous supervision and regular observation of each resident’s physical and mental condition. As a facility, we will create a written service plan, customized for each resident, and we will reassess and update the plan as needed.

Fairview Care Home Services
  • Compassionate care
  • Continuous supervision
  • Regular observation of each resident's physical and mental condition
  • Medication monitoring
  • Assistance with activities of daily living
  • Overnight assistance
  • Home cooked nutritionally, balanced meals and snacks that suit the resident's preferences and diatery needs
  • Fun and interactive activities
  • Alzheimer and dementia care
  • Hospice care

​​​Medication monitoring

Fairview Care Home Services

Medication handling represents an area of great responsibility. All medication including over-the-counters are centrally stored and locked at all times. All staff assisting with medications is trained to know and understand basic information about the medications that are given. We observe and document the effect of all medication such as possible side effects, common drug interactions, food interactions and more.

Assistance with activities of daily living

For residents with mental or physical conditions, performing any activity of daily living may be very challenging. Our staff is specialized in providing excellent care and services to those who may need assistance with bathing, dressing, using a restroom or performing other essential tasks.

Fairview Care Home Services

​​​Overnight assistance

Fairview Care Home Services

Our awake-night staff will assist residents with medication, bathroom needs, fall prevention and any confusion and anxiety.

Food service

Our facility makes every effort to prepare nutritious meals and snacks that suit the resident’s preferences and dietary needs. Everything is home-cooked and mostly organic. The smell of fresh baked bread fills the house every morning. All desserts are baked from scratch in our kitchen.

Fairview Care Home Services


Fairview Care Home Services

Activities are designed to promote and maintain physical, cognitive, social, spiritual, and emotional health and are provided to residents with a variety of functioning levels. Examples include: exercise group, bingo, jigsaw puzzle, gardening, playing soft music and more.

Hospice care

Our facility provides compassionate care and comfort, as well as continuous supervision and support for the hospice residents as needed.

Fairview Care Home Services